Thursday, March 28, 2013

Go Do. [sketchbook]

So, outside of the studio the other day there was a 
group of theatre kids dancing 
and stuff. I drew a couple of them.
This girl wasn't actually wearing this outfit, but I thought
 she woulda been a cute ballerina.
I always see this tall dude on campus that reminds 
me a little of my brother, but I don't know his name. 
I'll ask him next time I see him, I think!

Shelf butt old lady with beautiful hair! She was so kindly looking. 
And then there were a couple of ladies with 
short, curled hair that made such energetic lines. Had to draw 'em!
Here are a few sketches from a few days ago of people I saw on campus and some birdies.

My favorite song for the past couple days 
has been "Go Do" by Jonsi. It's so motivating and happy! Have a listen.
Other good tracks:

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