Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Cliff Waltz {majorly reworked forest painting}

So... I completely reworked one of the forest speed paintings I did because it just didn't quite feel right, kind of like I had my shoes on the wrong feet and my pants were on backwards. 
There was more to the Story of the Forest that I needed to communicate, so here's the edit to one of my pieces since a couple blog posts ago.

Some good tunes:

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bloom {Forest Speed Paint}

I just love the forest and hiking. I can't wait until it gets warm more consistently so I can go on adventures!

Here are some practice speed paint sketches.  I don't usually do landscapes. Still learning! :)

Here; have some upbeat tunes:

Chaos! {Digital and Sketchbook Update}

My life is still really chaotic! Getting ready to apply for the Illustration BFA next Wednesday. I am scrambling to make some good art in time to submit my application.

Good news:
1) I got the only piece I submitted last minute in to the BYU Student Annual Show
2) I AM STILL ALIVE and I will be DONE applying for the BFA in 7 days. 

Friday, April 5, 2013

I Can Never Relax [Sketchbook Update]

Been really busy! I feel like I can never relax...(Blog title brought to you by Hellogoodbye)
I have a lot of digital works in progress that I will upload when they are complete, but here is some sketchbook for now. :)
Been at the studio working about 14 hours a day preparing for the BFA Application in two weeks.

                                      Some other music I've been into in a big way: