Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Words Gone {City Girl}

I'm living in Seattle right now with my dear Auntie and Uncle. 
Basically it was a weekend visit that turned into a month and then some.
 It's THE most beautiful place on the planet
and they sell the most heavenly fruit here. And I'm ALL about fruit.

 I have a lot to post, I promise. And I know I keep on saying that but I keep starting things, getting ADD, and end up starting on something else. 
So for now, here's a sketch of a girl I saw standing
at a crosswalk in the city.

Elements - A Fine Frenzy


  1. you're in seattle? my heart is jealous and it is ever so happy. miss karly jade, take seattle by storm. i didn't capitalize anything because i'm so tired i could punch a kitten and eat my pillow. i'm going to go answer all the comments you left on my blog ages ago now. sorry i'm the slackiest of slacker internet and real life friends. love you. k bye.

    1. Have you been to Seattle, dear?
      I understand. I've been sleepless in Seattle. Really. For one reason or another. Haha.
      And don't be nonsensical! You are a wonderful friend. And besides, I'm a flake, too. I love ya!