Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Goodbyes {Nearly Forgotten Faces of Good Friends, or Fan Art Friday}

Two top photos:
Today is a different kind of  "fan art friday."
And yes, I know it's not Friday....but pretend it is.
This fan art is made after people in my life--a few of the many that were dear friends to me while I was living in Seattle.
 I haven't seen them in about a week and a half and I was starting to forget their faces, so I painted them from memory.

Bottom photo:
Sidewalk chalk art by Allison Lippert (a very skilled 11-year-old artist) and myself at the family dinner program Friday night held in celebration of my younger sister's marriage!
My sister is said to have the personality of Rapunzel and Thomas the personality of the Blue Power Ranger. At the dinner, they were each prompted with questions and were to answer in the character of each personality respectively. It was such fun! :)

Lots of changes are going on in my life right now--My sister is married, my brother is graduated from high school, and I'm leaving on my mission for a year and a half.
 It's starting to hit me. I hate goodbyes.

Don't Wait Too Long- Madeline Peyroux
Shangri-La - YACHT
Baby - Warpaint
Wolf Girl (Acoustic) - Simian Ghost
Hoppipolla - Sugar Ros
Animal Skins - Dry the River
Casimir Pulaski Day - Sufjan Stevens
Stuck In The Middle - The Burning Hotels

(Sorry I didn't link the songs; I was in a rush!)
Love you guys!

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