Thursday, April 3, 2014

Gathering Stories {Things Learned}

So, I recently returned home from my LDS mission to Washington. For those of you who don’t know much about missions, here’s a sum of what it’s all about: Helping people BECOME by helping them draw nearer unto Christ.
At the first of my mission, I had a hard time transitioning because there was virtually no time for myself. On a mission, one is constantly seeking to help others. I had a hard time balancing between who I am as an artist and who I was as a missionary. I didn’t know if I would ever find a way to incorporate my artistic abilities into my missionary work.
Then I realized that as an illustrator, I see the world differently—see people differently. As soon as I recognized that, I was able to help people BECOME more effectively.
People are so much more than planes and 3D shapes to be translated into lines on paper— each person has a story to tell, places to go, and people to become. Each person is a character.
Each soul —each character— has Divine potential to BECOME. We are humans. We are living things. This means we can grow! :)
My intent as a human being is to see people, to see beyond the lines and shapes & to sense what their souls are feeling. I want to reach within myself to help them BECOME—to help them find their happy forevers.
I want to know their stories. I want to know about their well-worn favorite pair of shoes. I want to know about their first day of elementary school. I want to know about their heartbreaks. I want to know how they have overcome those heartbreaks. I want to know how they ended up crossing paths with me.
I want to gather those stories— learn from them, bask in their originality, cry & laugh & feel so deeply along with the people. 
This post contains sketches based on a few of the many people I have met on my mission. Without these people (and people in general), my life would have no flavor.
Actually… I don’t know if I would actually BE at all.
People make up who I am —- who WE are.
We are all libraries of experience & emotion. As we live, we loan & borrow & steal & give from the libraries within ourselves and within others. In these exchanges, we BECOME.
We connect. 
(*Pocahontas moment* we are all connected to each other in a circle, in a hoop that never eeeeeends!)
We disconnect.
We feel.
We build ourselves.
The more involved we are with helping others BECOME, the more we come into contact with our ACTUAL individual souls—our Characters at the core. As a result, we begin to live more consciously. We delight in recognizing the often overlooked details of each Character we meet &we develop a greater love for life.
I grew a lot on my mission, and I know that I have A LOT more growing to do. I want to thank all of you for teaching me various things by being who you are. You each of you is worth so much more than you know. I promise. So, love yourself.
*Lion King Moment* Remember who you are…Reeemeeemmberrr…Reeememberrr.
ALL the love!
Karly Jade

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  1. Hey. I love your work. Just a friendly heads up though, your cursive signature reads as "Kaily" instead of "Karly." You may want to think about making it a little clearer. Best of luck!:)