Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Wash. [Silver Lining]

I have been really stressing over commissions (I'll update about them later), so my relationship with art has kinda been rocky. This is something I did for myself because I've been doing a lot of the same things for the past month.
This little painting was inspired by my time in Washington last year while I was on my LDS mission. My first time in the town of Graham, I was riding in the back seat looking at the scenery. That day was so full of emotion-- I was leaving some of my best friends and was being completely uprooted from a place that I had loved so much.  I had just spent 6 months in Federal Way -- a more city-ish place. Graham is a more forested, farm-like place.
While it was hard to leave, the beauty of the new place was healing my broken heart. The sky was doing one of those weird things where it was sunshine-y and rainy at the same time. The evening sun was lighting up the evergreens, the farm fields, and the flawless rolling hills of grass.
Both rainy and vividly colored with hope, I thought that the weather perfectly captured the feelings I had in that transitory moment of my life

Here are some chill songs I've been diggin' on lately:
Cutty Love - Milo Greene
Bridge - High Highs
Morning - Beck (I am SOOO glad he won a Grammy for Album of the Year!)