Monday, March 30, 2015

Alignment [Viking]

I did the sketch as a sketch daily that my studio had last semester and I thought I'd paint it for texture practice, etc. I finally finished it. Been working on it here a little there a little since the end of December. 

More music I've been into lately:

Patience [The Scribble Game]

I've been dead to the world for many reasons, and one of them is because I have been working on a stop-motion film. It's about a little girl who travels the world by balloons. To see progress/updates on the film, head on over to @Trishazemp or @Karlyjadec on Instagram. I won't be posting too much on here about it. I will later, though!

Last week I spent some time with my friend and the kids she is babysitting. We played the scribble game. The game is simple: Someone else makes a scribble and you turn it into something. Anything but a snake, really. I love this exercise because it can help me get out of an art block, etc. So this was a collaboration with Dane, and 8-year-old. He scribbled and I turned it into this.  Kids are the best. 

Some music I like:
Patience -  Geographer
Lake Michigan - Rogue Wave