Wednesday, August 19, 2015

[Animations & Overcoming Art Block]

Some stuff from the past month. Been trying a lot of different mediums/techniques to break my art block. Even tried my hand at freehand animation in Photoshop CS6.
Some character sketches in different mediums:
I played the shape game with myself in sharpie:
Some color thumbnail ideas in crayon:
A 2am for-fun project in pastel:

Sometimes I feel like I will forever be plagued with anxiety. It contributes a lot to my art block, and it's frustrating.  It obviously takes time and patience and is a part of growth, but it's frustrating.  Instead of letting it overtake me, I have tried various things to get out of my art block. 

If you, too are experiencing art block for whatever reason, here are some tips/things that are helping me overcome my art block:

-Change your drawing environment 
in whatever way you want. Just get out of your comfort zone-- listen to different music, sit in a park while you draw, draw left-handed. Just switch things up.

-Change your medium. 
If you're used to red pencil, change to pen or marker. If you're used to watercolors, use pastels. And preferably use something children use -- like sidewalk chalk or crayons. It takes the pressure off and gives you a greater sense of freedom.

-Pray, meditate, do yoga, or do whatever you do to clear your mind. 
I personally like to do all three of these things. 

- Then go out in public and look around to fill up your mind. 
Observe people, places, and things. Just appreciate those things. MAYBE bring a sketchbook to take notes of things that inspire you, but don't beat yourself up if you don't draw anything while you're out-- the main purpose is just to fill your mind with ideas. 

- Draw LOTS of ugly things. 
Draw ugly things on purpose. Draw ugly things on accident. Just remember that your purpose for 15+ minutes a day is to draw ugly things. Have a good laugh at yourself. This helps you not take yourself too seriously, which makes art block more fun. 

- Play the scribble/shape game with your friend/yourself. 
Draw a random scribble and turn it into a person or an animal (but not a snake) to get your creative/problem-solving skills juiced up.

-Show love to others and yourself. 
Getting out to treat yourself or serve others can help you get out of your weird art funk. Surround yourself with people and things that give you energy and bring happiness. 

Some music I'd recommend:

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